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ipad, books, school suppliesLearning to Code:

As autumn continues, students will begin exploring how to code. This will be done using different robots and coding programs.

Here are some more emailing tips provided from “Common Sense Education”:

  • Encourage your children to consider the audience and purpose of their email. Using a more formal tone with people they have never met is the safest and most respectful way to communicate.
  • Prompt kids to get right to the point. Most people have a lot of email to sift through. Keeping formal messages as short as possible is ideal. Stress the importance of writing only what they would say to a person’s face. Anything kids would say over email should be something they are able to say to someone’s face.
  • Suggest to children that they use uppercase type only on rare occasions. Uppercase letters indicate that you are shouting. Kids should use them only if they really want to make a STRONG POINT.
  • Remind kids to proofread. They should check their spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting before sending an email.
  • Coach kids to use emoticons sparingly. Using smiley faces or exclamation points on occasion can help others understand their meaning in the absence of visual and vocal cues. However, they are usually inappropriate with more formal emails.
Joshua Ham, Computer Lab Assistant
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