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Autumn is here and in New Mexico that means roasting green chile, crisp morning air, and beautiful sunrises with hot air balloons filling our skies. Such a beautiful time of the year in our gorgeous state.

In the Innovations Lab the older students will begin focusing on video creation. The apps on the iPad we will be using are Apple Clips, Apple iMovie, and Stop Motion Studios. They will also continue learning how to code Dash and Cue the Robots, as well as learning how to use Virtual Reality and taking a Virtual Field trip to a museum.

All students will also continue their keyboard awareness and skills to become faster, more efficient typists. The word processing skills we will begin to develop based on grade levels will be how to cut, copy, paste, use spell check, use the built-in thesaurus, and how to use bullets. In 6th grade we are working on finding credible online sources for the science fair and proper citations. All grades are continuing with our Common Sense Media Education lessons.

K-2nd – Media Balance Is Important, Pause & Think, and We - The Digital Citizens.
3rd-4th – The Power of Words, Keeping Games Fun and Friendly, Your Rings of Responsibility, and Our Online Tracks.
5th-6th – Is It Cyberbullying?, You Won’t Believe This!, Digital Drama Unplugged, and Chatting Safely Online.

Here are some additional internet safety tips provided from “Common Sense Education”
• Use bookmarks and safe search. Teach your child to bookmark his or her favorite sites. This way, your child is less likely to go somewhere online you don’t want. Use safe search options on web browsers, such as Epic or DuckDuckGo, to make sure your child can search safely.
• Consider using filtering and blocking software. Some parents find these tools to be useful to help protect younger children from accessing inappropriate content.
• Have older siblings help. Have your older children help teach your younger children how to be
responsible and safe online. Let the older ones know that you want them to help you protect their little brothers or sisters online.
• Seek balance. If our kids are going to thrive with digital media, we must balance the negative with the positive, privacy with protection. As our children grow, they need more independence and privacy, but parents have to be sure their kids know how to be safe and responsible before letting them get onto the internet.
• Keep an open mind. We don’t see the world the way our kids do. We don’t help our kids when we judge their lives through the lens of a non-digital world. It’s important for us to understand that our kids will spend much of their lives in a connected world, where everyone creates and communicates. We need to help them to enjoy it and learn from it.

Thank you,
Ms. Tiffany Barela, Computer Lab Assistant

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